Dr. Kyaw Kyaw Htike @ Ali Abdul Ghafur

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Personal Info

Work Experience


Unofficial (including non-profit, charity, etc.)


  1. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
    • Areas: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science.
    • Institution: School of Computing, Faculty of Engineering, University of Leeds, United Kingdom.
    • Scholarship awarded: Fully-Funded International Research Scholarship (from UK).
    • Thesis title: “Domain adaptation for pedestrian detection”.
    • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. David C. Hogg (Professor of Artificial Intelligence in the School of Computing and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation at University of Leeds).
    • Examiners:
      • Prof. Dr. James Ferryman, University of Reading, UK.
      • Dr. Andy Bulpitt, University of Leeds, UK.
  2. Bachelor of Engineering  (Honors)
    • Area: Electronics-Computer & Information
    • CGPA: 3.889 (out of 4.0)
    • Institution: Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Malaysia.
    • Awards:
      • First Class Honors.
      • Graduation award sponsored by Shell (oil and gas company) Malaysia.
      • Best Student (Academic) graduation award for Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics-Computer & Information).
      • Best Student (Software Systems) graduation award for the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
      • Recipient of IIUM Academic Excellence Scholarship.
      • Recipient of Rector’s Academic Excellence award for Department of Engineering.
      • Dean’s List in Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering for every semester.
      • Best Poster Award for Final Year Project in Computer & Information Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, FYP Poster Exhibition.
  3. Cambridge GCE A-levels
    • Institution: Sunway University College, Malaysia
    • Subjects taken: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry.
    • Grades Obtained: ‘A’ in all subjects.
  4. Cambridge IGCSE
    • Institution: International Islamic School (IIS), Malaysia
    • Subjects taken: Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English.
    • Grades Obtained: ‘A’ in all subjects.


Table of Contents

  1. General, Domains & Overview
  2. Detailed Description
  3. Programming Languages
  4. IDEs
  5. Past experience with Libraries, Frameworks and Specific Technologies

General, Domains & Overview

Detailed Description

Over 13 years of experience, in Data Science, R&D, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Software Engineering. Domain knowledge in AI and Computer Vision, and possesses analytical/statistical skills, data science/engineering skills, and software engineering skills, knowledge and experience. Interested and experienced in commercial AI-related R&D and Software/Product/Service development from conception, design, formulation, implementation and execution until deployment, across all levels of individual contribution, team-work, management and leadership. In addition, skilled and experienced with many programming languages, especially C & C++ (including in-depth knowledge, memory management, close-to-hardware, optimizations, modern C++, pure C/C++ modules), implementing optimized/fast custom codes and libraries, and higher level languages such as Python and Java. Also experienced in C, C++ and Python, including C/C++ APIs of underlying engines of Python, Java and C#, and communicating back-and-forth (extending and embedding) between different programming languages to develop highly optimized deployed systems that require multiple programming languages (including C/C++ dynamic libraries). Experienced in architecture, implementation and delivery of professional AI, Computer Vision and Machine Learning SDKs, applications, APIs, services, reference implementations, demos, prototypes, reports, analytics, etc. Experienced in many different (senior) roles in making individual contribution, research, engineering, leadership, management, mentoring, lecturing, teaching, publication and presentation. Hard and soft skills, language and communication, and formulating solutions, and explaining and presenting them to different types of audiences. Experienced in both industry/business and in academia. Constant self-improvement; business; entrepreneurship; freelancing; self-employment; solving important problems in life; and developing & creating things that will be useful as many people as possible.

Note: Open to opportunities, projects, collaborations, consulting, gigs, conducting trainings, giving talks, etc. If we have mutual interest and benefit, feel free to contact me for further discussion.

Programming languages

Programming IDEs used

Past experience with Libraries, Frameworks and Specific Technologies

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

Below is a collection of links to some of the publications that can be found archived on the Internet. Kindly note that this page may not be updated with any of my latest (or other) publications.

List of Subjects Taught

  1. Computer Vision (master’s level, UK)
  2. Artificial Intelligence (undergraduate level, UK)
  3. Intelligent Systems (undergraduate level, Malaysia)
  4. Network Security Design (undergraduate level, Malaysia)
  5. Programming Paradigms [with Prolog] (undergraduate level, Malaysia)
  6. Operating Systems (undergraduate level, Malaysia)
  7. Database Systems (undergraduate level, Malaysia)
  8. Networking (undergraduate level, Malaysia)
  9. Database Management Systems (undergraduate level, Malaysia)
  10. Data Structures and Algorithms (undergraduate level, Malaysia)
  11. Operating Systems and Networks (diploma level, Malaysia)

Links to Selected GitHub Repositories

Below is a collection of some of the GitHub repositories. Only some of the non-work-related materials done at out-of-office hours are in the public github repositories. Work-related algorithms and source code for projects at work, and most other personal projects cannot be revealed due to confidential nature.

  1. Data_Processing_driven_Qt_GUI
  2. Custom-Backup-Important-Files-in-PC
  3. Embedding-Python-interpreter-in-C-using-pybind11
  4. Multi-scale-sliding-window-HOG-Feature-Extraction-for-Object-Detection-Using-OpenCV-and-Piotr-Dollar
  5. Automate_cython_compilation_windows_MSVC2017_custom_project
  6. Pure_cpp_sliding_window_object_detector_train_apply
  7. Test_Transpile_scikitlearn_model_to_C
  8. Single_Hidden_Layer_Neural_Network_Forward_Propagation_in_C
  9. Generate_Visual_Cpp_Property_Sheets_and_DllPaths
  10. Generate_and_visualize_multiscale_sliding_windows_on_image
  11. generate_face_detector_train_data_dlibCompatible
  12. Extract_Dlib_Feats_From_Image_Directory_Recursively
  13. Automatic_Generate_pureCppProject_bindings
  14. Auto_Generate_PyQt_GUI_Project_Skeleton_code
  15. Auto_Generate_CFFI_signatures_GUI
  16. Single-file-useful-Windows-automation-scripts-in-Python
  17. Wrapping-stb-single-file-public-domain-C-libraries-for-Java-image-reading-writing-and-resizing
  18. Java-image-video-and-webcam-IO-through-integrating-Java-matrix-class-and-OpenCV
  19. Minimal-offline-personal-blog-engine-using-Python-Flask-and-SQLite
  20. Automatic-Excel-and-HTML-timetable-generation-from-structured-text
  21. Manipulating-hardlinks-in-Windows-using-Python
  22. Java-matrix-class
  23. Library-to-enhance-Cpp-built-in-vector-class
  24. file-IO-utility-library-for-Cpp
  25. Cpp-wrapper-classes-for-MATLAB-Engine
  26. Image-recognition-dataset-annotation-system-in-Cpp
  27. A-Cpp-library-for-object-detector-training-and-detection
  28. A-modular-sliding-window-object-detector-training-and-detection-system-in-Java
  29. Generic-Matrix-Header-Manipulator-in-Java
  30. AILIB-JNI-wrapping-of-popular-Computer-Vision-and-Machine-Learning-Cpp-libraries
  31. 2D-scatter-plot-using-JavaFX
  32. Java-utility-library-for-Java-standard-libraries
  33. Type-conversions-between-OpenCV-and-Matk-Cpp-matrix-libraries
  34. Type-conversions-between-MATLAB-and-Matk-Cpp-matrix-libraries
  35. Type-conversions-between-Eigen-and-Matk-Cpp-matrix-libraries
  36. Type-conversions-between-Armadillo-and-Matk-Cpp-matrix-libraries
  37. Type-conversions-between-OpenCV-and-QT-Cpp-matrix-libraries
  38. Type-conversions-between-OpenCV-and-Eigen-Cpp-matrix-libraries
  39. Type-conversions-between-OpenCV-and-Armadillo-Cpp-matrix-libraries
  40. Type-conversions-between-MATLAB-and-OpenCV-Cpp-matrix-libraries
  41. Type-conversions-between-MATLAB-and-Eigen-Cpp-matrix-libraries
  42. Type-conversions-between-MATLAB-and-Armadillo-Cpp-matrix-libraries
  43. Type-conversions-between-Dlib-and-OpenCV-Cpp-matrix-libraries
  44. Type-conversions-between-Dlib-and-Eigen-Cpp-matrix-libraries
  45. Type-conversions-between-Dlib-and-Armadillo-Cpp-matrix-libraries
  46. Type-conversions-between-Armadillo-and-Eigen-Cpp-matrix-libraries
  47. Standalone-and-portable-Cpp11-matrix-library
  48. Kyaw-Kyaw-Htike.github.io
  49. Header-only-modern-Cpp-tools-for-high-level-implementation-of-Java-Native-Interfaces
  50. Comprehensive-pure-Java-matrix-classes-for-Computer-Vision-Machine-Learning-and-AI-applications
  51. Java-utility-library-for-OpenCV-Java-API
  52. Non-maxima-suppression-for-object-detection-in-Cpp-and-Java
  53. Java-API-for-Histograms-of-Oriented-Gradients-C-code
  54. weakly-supervised-training-pedestrian-detector